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Myofascial Decompression with Cup Therapy (cupping with movement)

LOWER BACK PAIN treatment with the help of CUP THERAPY

You ever wonder about those circles you see on peoples’ skin?

Cupping, or more specifically termed, “Cup Therapy” and “Myofascial Decompression” (MFD). This modality has been widely misunderstood because there are many ways of using cups. Cupping is a modality just like another tool used in the soft tissue/active recovery space. however with the efforts of Dr. Chris Daprato (founder of

This method is within our RESET division of our 3R methodology.

Specifically, you’re seeing our client using an exercise, called SPINAL WAVE, to move each segment of the spine towards full flexion and extension.

This exercise used in conjunction with the cupping is helping create better mobility of the spine and also improving spinal awareness.

If you think of movement from a practical sense, every movement you train requires baseline awareness of where your spine is in space!


  • Reduced pain

  • Improved muscle extensibility to allow for better movement for our REORGANIZATION phase

  • Improved awareness with proprioceptive training

  • Can help reduce general tightness with restricted fascia, nerve entrapments, and prolonged postural adaptations from sitting


Who can benefit from using Cup Therapy?

  • If you have chronic areas of tightness and restrictions from:

    • Sitting long periods of time at your desk

    • High Levels of Stress

  • If you’ve tried massage, spinal adjustments, massage guns, foam rollers, and still not finding relief

  • Athletes

    • Using this as a form of ACTIVE RECOVERY to supplement great strength training and mobility training

    • If you feel like you’ve plateaued with mobility and strength

**Remember, cupping is used in conjunction with our 3R Method. We want you to have the benefits for long term movement health and well-being, therefore it is used in the context of a full session at Progressive Motion.

For more information, visit to their website: Cup Therapy

-Dr. Joey Salgado


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