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Dr. Josh Moreali

Josh is a passionate and motivated individual who derives immense fulfillment from empowering others to transform their lives through enhanced movement. Witnessing the happiness and triumph of people achieving their movement goals is a source of great joy for him.

Josh's journey as a physical therapist began back in eighth grade when he first delved into weight training. This initial interest ignited his desire to explore the realm of strength and conditioning, leading him to delve into scientific literature to gain a deeper understanding of optimizing human performance.

As a physiotherapist, Josh's approach to treatment is constantly evolving and expanding. He draws upon various methodologies such as Movement Links, DNS, PRI and FRC, focusing on the integration and dynamic interplay of the body. Rather than viewing the body as separate entities, he takes a holistic perspective, allowing him to comprehend the root causes of pain or performance limitations.

To further enhance his expertise, Josh has pursued extensive training in manual therapy, undertaking numerous courses, including a comprehensive year-long program in the Maitland approach. Outside of his professional pursuits, Josh cherishes spending quality time with his wife and three children. He indulges in his passion for mountain biking and previously engaged in motorcycle racing, reflecting his adventurous spirit.


  • San Jose State University – BS kinesiology

  • University of the Pacific- Doctorate in physical therapy

Extra Coursework

  • Year-long course Maitland approach

  • Selective Functional Movement screen

  • Functional movement screen

  • Movement links

  • Titleist performance institute

  • Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization

  • Functional range conditioning

  • Neurodynamics

  • Spinal manipulation techniques

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