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Myofascial Decompression: Unveiling the 3Rs

Every session at PM is intertwined with our 3R methodology: Reset, Reorganization, and Reload. Our Reset sessions encapsulate the essence of Myofascial Decompression cups in action, laying the foundation for a remarkable recoveries.

Reset: Witnessing the power of Myofascial Decompression cups in action, we encountered a client who had been immobilized in a cast and brace. The aftermath revealed notable tightness and limitations in wrist pronation. The cups became the catalyst for restoring range of motion, gently undoing the effects of immobilization.

Reorganize: Week 2 saw a shift in approach. We introduced closed chain exercises, providing insight into scapula and hand placement on the floor. This transition paved the way for aggressive loading of the upper arm, aimed at enhancing end-range positions. It was a journey marked by resilience and progress.

Reload: The ultimate goal? Getting our client back to their unique movements. Utilizing a resistance band for punching exercises not only challenged control over pronation and supination but also served as a stepping stone towards returning to the heavy bag after an 8-week hiatus. Reloading wasn’t just about tissues; it was a mental and physical victory.

Reset sessions serve as a testament to the meticulous application of cup therapy within the 3R framework. For more information or to witness the full journey, visit our Instagram page.

Watch this video: Cup Therapy: Unveiling the 3R's

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