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Comprehensive Movement Assessment:

  • Focuses on identifying the root cause of the issue.

  • Sets the session's direction by understanding contributing factors to pain.

"RESET" Phase:

  • Utilizes expert hands-on techniques for muscle, joint, and fascia rejuvenation.

  • Incorporates cupping for enhanced overall well-being.

  • Integrates techniques with conscious breathing for a harmonious and relaxing experience.

  • Guides you to a peaceful state of mind.


  • Establishes a lasting foundation for change.

  • Prioritizes ribcage and pelvis alignment through breathwork.

  • Ensures a solid base for improved mobility before 

  • addressing specific concerns.

  • Unlocks exercise potential, stability, and earth connection.

  • Empowers you with posture-enhancing tools for positive body transformation.

"RELOAD" Phase:

  • Elevates your journey with challenges and progression.

  • Introduces weighted exercises to enhance strength and adaptability.

  • Customizes movements for your sport or activity, including dynamic exercises.

  • Focuses on sport-specific excellence and injury prevention.

  • Fuels holistic physical wellness through vitalizing loading exercises.

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