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Dr. Joey Salgado

Dr. Joey Salgado is fascinated with life-long learning and sparks curiosity in others on how they can impact the world.  He is invested in creating a culture where one can show up and be authentically themselves.  Joey envisions a world where people begin to see the intersections of cultures and professions and as a byproduct, learn to love and appreciate themselves and others. 


He has dedicated his professional life in helping create space for people by providing the tools and the mindset for those that are curious about optimizing their body for performance.   He teaches others how to navigate the complexities of their body by improving their movement health and efficiency. 


He is the founder, co-owner, and head of growth for Progressive Motion Physiotherapy.  He is a doctor of physical therapy and specializes in movement to help those in need of optimizing mobility performance, rehabilitation from an injury, and recovery.  


In his personal life, he loves spending time with his wife and their fur-baby, Bailey.  He is in pursuit of finding his way back to basketball and focusing on moving at the speed of grace. 


  • Movement Links Certified Provider

  • Myofascial Decompression (cupping with movement) Provider

  • lululemon Ambassador


  • B.S. in Biology from University of Washington

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of the Pacific

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