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Enhancing Mobility: Chen's Journey at Progressive Motion

Progressive Motion operates on a mission to empower its clients with not just therapeutic sessions, but with the tools for self-care that bridge the gaps between appointments. Our team is dedicated to instilling mobility health in each one of our clients, ensuring continuous progress beyond their time in the clinic.

One such story is Chen's transformative journey. With a focus on elevating mid-back mobility and mindful breathwork, this exploration uncovered a world of rib cage mobility, unlocking avenues for enhanced expansion and decompression.

At the heart of this transformative process lies myofascial decompression, or cup therapy, an integral part of our Reset division at Progressive Motion. It serves as the cornerstone for the subsequent Reorganization phase, laying the groundwork for comprehensive alignment training encompassing the rib cage, pelvis, and feet.

Chen's commitment to this holistic approach to mobility and well-being stands as a testament to the effectiveness of our 3R  methodology. Each step of his journey reflects the dedication in embracing and implementing these self-treatment strategies.

As we celebrate Chen's success story, it highlights the essence of our mission at Progressive Motion. Join us in empowering individuals with the tools for self-care and continuous progress. Watch the full video on our Instagram page.

Watch this video: Chen's Journey


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