Dr. Josh Moreali

Josh is a driven individual who finds satisfaction in helping people positively change their lives through improved movement! Josh loves to see people happy and succeeding.

Josh’s journey as physical therapist started out in the eighth grade when he started weight training, which ultimately guided him to start studying strength and conditioning articles in order to learn how to best improve his strength scientifically.

As a physical therapist, Josh’s treatment is constantly evolving and expanding. By utilizing the principles from methods such as Movement Links, DNS, and FRC Josh looks at the integration and dynamic interaction of each structure (muscles, joints, ligament) instead of looking at the body as separate structures.

Approaching the body in this manner, allows Josh to take a step back and understand why a person is in pain or why certain performance aspects are not being met. Josh have also taken several manual therapy courses and a year long course in Maitland approach.

When Josh is not in the lab, he spend his time with his wife and three children. Josh is an avid mountain biker and use to race motorcycles.


  • San Jose state university – BS kinesiology
  • University of the Pacific- Doctorate in physical therapy

Extra Coursework

  • Year long course Maitland approach
  • Selective Functional Movement screen
  • Functional movement screen
  • Movement links
  • Titleist performance institute
  • Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization
  • Functional range conditioning
  • Neurodynamics
  • Spinal manipulation techniques
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