Movement Patterning

  • We are trained in DNS and FRC principles which we use in our movement repatterning programming.
  • Movement repatterning exercises are a vital part of getting you back to 100%.

Manual Therapy

  • Our approach to manual therapy sets the stage for a faster healing response, greater mobility, and helps get you back to the active lifestyle you desire as quickly as possible.

Myofascial Decompression with Cups

  • These applications are very effective for orthopedics, sports medicine, contractures, post-op recovery, overcoming dominance strategies, postural syndromes, hand therapy, neuro re-education, and scar mobilization.

IASTM (Graston)

  • Instrument Assisted Soft-Tissue Mobilization are soft tissue techniques using tools. You may have heard of Graston which is a popular trademarked name for these instrument assisted techniques

Mobility Coaching

  • Customized mobility drills based on individuals limitations and how to integrate it into your daily life and or training regimen.
  • We encourage a collaborative approach within your training regimen and are more than happy to be connected to your coach to help you move better through collaboration.

Injury Reduction

  • Capacity > Load = Injury Mitigation
    • Load– how much your ask you body to do
    • Capacity-how much load the body can handle without damage, breakdown, dysfunction