Myofascial Decompression

Myofascial Decompression Techniques are a movement based set of manual therapy treatment techniques which evolved out of addressing sports and orthopedic injuries which did not respond to traditional joint mobilization, manipulation, other soft tissue interventions, or therapeutic exercise. Simply addressing symptom based articular, neural, or muscular complaints are temporary fixes when the root cause of the problem may be connective tissue matrix dysfunction or fascial plane restriction. Without addressing soft tissue densification and compensatory movement inefficiencies they may cause, outcomes will be less effective.

At Progressive Motion Physiotherapy we apply cups to regions of the body that are found to be restricted via our evaluation. We then perform repatterning exercises with the cups on. A by product of the cupping is bruising- this is normal and a result of small capillary rupture similar to a hickey.

How is this different than traditional chinese medicine that uses cupping?

Traditional cupping does not include active movement, and often is targeting energetic imbalances from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective. MFD is a novel approach to musculoskeletal treatment, utilizing negative pressure tools and western medicine based movement patterning. These applications are very effective for orthopedics, sports medicine, contractures, post-op recovery, overcoming dominance strategies, postural syndromes, hand therapy, neuro re-education, and scar mobilization.