Dr. Joey Salgado

Joey’s journey into physical therapy started off like many other outpatient physios. He played sports growing up, including basketball and baseball, and had a natural affinity for wanting to learn more about how to help others through movement.

He is a huge advocate to working and developing a growth mindset to get to wherever you want to go in life professionally or personally. He is a true believer that in order to move better and live happier, it truly starts with investing into your own mindset.

Knowing your ‘why’ is something that doesn’t just appear with what you do for a living. Knowing your ‘why’ takes some time to develop and understand. For him, it was a long road to get to where he is now. When he began this journey with Progressive Motion, he often doubted himself because of the fear of not making it.

He worked at two different outpatient jobs that he was unhappy doing day in, day out. He was seeing 3-4 people per hour and passing them on to aides to finish off their sessions. He began to wonder why he went through 7 years of college to be this miserable?

It wasn’t until last July-August of 2014 where he was presented with an opportunity, not a job, but an opportunity. Joey had no idea that his interview was for a chance to open his own practice. He was extremely terrified at the idea by being on my own and going away from the traditional outpatient model of accepting insurance. However, he came across a powerful TED TALK by Simon Sinek, “How Leaders Inspire Action.”

After watching this talk, he realized that it all made sense. What drives him to become better everyday is the fact that he enjoys gifting and elevating others. He simply enjoys making people smile and help them get through their day without worrying about those nagging aches/pains that cause distress in their lives.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and dog. He will be getting married next February 2019 to his long time fiancé. Joey loves the game of basketball as well, whether it is playing or watching basketball.


  • B.S. in Biology from University of Washington
  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of the Pacific
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